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bbq chicken pizza on the grill using spicy mama rub and fresh herbs. Smokey grill.

Our Values

01.   We use only quality organic ingredients.

02.   We encourage community.

03.   We strive for sustainability in all of our products.

04.   When you are here, you are family.

05.   We are grounded on the lost art of hospitality.

Backyard Rubs BBQ spice rub on pork shoulder on Grill

BR in the smoker is a way to take better care of the people you care most about.

Too often we forget to look at the ingredients in some of our most loved grilling partners. And when we do, we are disappointed to find the stack of unnecessary ingredients added only to increase shelf life.

We are on a mission to change that.

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Whether you’re a seasoned BBQ Pitmaster, a home cook, or new to cooking in general, we’re glad you're here.

Welcome to our backyard.

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It all started with a passion for clean ingredients in our own kitchen right here in the Midwest.

100% Organic | Gluten-Free | Keto | Vegan


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We believe in the power of community. #shoplocal with us.

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