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10 Father’s Day Must-Haves

10 Father’s Day Must-Haves

Backyard Rubs Father's Day

A lot of people lately have been telling us that they want to surprise the father’s in their lives with a Big Green Egg and have asked for our recommendations or feedback.

First off -- you can’t go wrong with any size of the Big Green Egg. Different sizes fit different needs. We have the Large and the Mini Max. The Mini Max is fun if you’re cooking for one or two people or need something that is mobile. It’s simple prep and quick and easy to light for a few burgers or steaks. It’s convenient and small which makes it portable for tailgating and camping.  The Large Big Green Egg is great for families and hosting and what we recommend. For the price breaks we recommend the Large over the small and medium -- it makes it worth your while. The largest sizes (XL & XXL) are really if you are feeding a big group or catering and use more charcoal. It’s not necessary for everyday use but don’t let that stop you from getting one.

Speaking of Charcoal, we highly recommend Rockwood Charcoal. It’s our go-to (and they don’t pay us to say that….yet ;). Another benefit to the Big Green Egg is that it uses charcoal efficiently so you only use what you need to cook. 

Okay -- so you already have a grill or smoker but just want some accessories -- here are our top picks!

  1. Electric Charcoal Starter - here - Quick, easy and safe way to get your lump charcoal burning faster, which means your cooking not standing around waiting for your grill to get up to temp.
  2. Kick Ash Basket - here - Combine this with the Kick Ash Can for a quick and easy cleaning process (once your grill has cooled down of course)
  3. Kick Ash Can - here - Combine this with the Kick Ash Basket for a quick and easy cleaning process (once your grill has cooled down of course)
  4. Artisan Smoker Heat Resistant Gloves - here - Reusable, high temp gloves that you can wash. Great for grabbing hot cast iron off your grill or pulling a pork shoulder. 
  5. Mercer Culinary - Hell's Handle Heavy Duty Turner/Spatula - here - Heavy duty spatula that allows you to smash your burgers without worrying your spatula is going to bend in half. 
  6. Thermapen® Mk4 - here - The best instant read thermometer.  If you don’t have one of these you're probably eating over cooked meat for every meal. 
  7. Large Big Green Egg Eggspander - here - Gives you the ability to add multiple accessories to your grill and gives you more space between the flame for direct cooking on your Big Green Egg. 
  8. Big Green Egg Plancha - here - Wanting to griddle but don’t want to buy another system. Turns your Big Green Egg into the perfect griddle for the best smash burger you’ve ever had. 
  9. Cast Iron Cooking Grate - here - Who doesn’t love cast iron - and thats all I have to say about that. 
  10. Backyard Rubs - Daddy Crack - Because you love your dad and want to have the best spices without all the extra - real ingredients, real flavor! 

Wishing all of the fathers and father figures in our lives a special day. Share your cooks with us on Instagram and we’ll re-share! 

As always, thanks for stopping by our backyard barbecue! 

Backyard Rubs Father's Day

*Disclaimer: This blog post contains affiliate links to products. We may receive a commission for purchases made through some of these links.

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