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Backyard rubs daddy crack pork chop

Delicious Smoked Pork Chops with Bacon, Apples, and Onion

As we head into the Fall season, it might seem impossible to come up with some delicious meals, especially during the weeknights. While you might have been craving burgers and hotdogs during the summer, these summer staples don't feel quite the same during the Fall season.

Thankfully, you don't need to repeat the same old recipes in your home to have a delicious, easy fall dinner. Our delicious smoked pork chops recipe made with bacon, apples, and onions, along with our organic BBQ seasoning, couldn't be any easier or taste so good! Not only do the combined flavors cook beautifully, but it takes little time and effort to put together this recipe.

The secret ingredient to this recipe? Backyard Rubs Daddy Crack! Our organic cooking seasoning is made of organic ingredients, including organic black pepper, organic maple sugar, organic granulated garlic, and kosher salt. The best part is that you won't find any preservatives, fillers, or anti-caking agents in our organic BBQ rubs.

With our delicious smoked pork chop recipe, you'll be able to avoid dry or overcooked pork chops, which is so easy to do with this type of meat. Enjoy our juicy, tender pork chop recipe as your go-to fall recipe or weekend treat.

Backyard Rubs Pork Chop on grill
Backyard rubs daddy crack apples, onions, bacon
Backyard Rubs daddy crack Pork Chop

Delicious Smoked Pork Chops with Bacon, Apples, and Onion


  • 4 (4-ounce) boneless pork chops
  • 3 tbsp olive oil
  • 2 tsp Backyard Rubs Daddy Crack, divided
  • 1 tablespoon chopped fresh thyme or ½ tsp dried thyme
  • 1 medium onion, peeled and cut into 8 wedges
  • 2 medium apples, peeled, cored, and cut into 8 wedges
  • 4 ounces sliced bacon, cut into bite-size pieces


 1. Preheat oven to 425°. While the oven is heating up, cut up your onion, apples, and bacon.

 2. Pound the pork chops lightly with a meat mallet. Sprinkle the chops with Backyard Rubs Daddy Crack

 3. On the stove: Heat two tablespoons of olive oil over high heat in a large cast-iron pan. Add the pork to the pan and cook for 3 minutes on each side or until browned. Remove the pan from the heat and remove the pork from the pan.

 On Grill: Sear the pork for 3 minutes on each side or until browned. Remove the grill/ heat and let rest.

 4. In the pan (either on stove or grill), add the remaining olive oil, apple and onion wedges, and bacon. Sprinkle with thyme, and remaining Backyard Rubs Daddy Crack.

5. Put in the oven or smoker at 425° and bake/smoke for 25 minutes.

6. Arrange the pork chops over apples and onion and bake for 10 minutes more. Remove from the oven, sprinkle with fresh ground black pepper and serve with your favorite salad.

Whatever recipe you choose to make, Backyard rubs is here to add those missing delicious flavors. Check out our full line of organic BBQ seasonings on our website or try out our sample packets today!

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