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Jambalaya and Mardi Gras: The Backyard Rubs Way

Jambalaya and Mardi Gras: The Backyard Rubs Way

Mardi Gras is a festive time of year for many cultures around the world. It is filled with celebrations, good food and drink, parades, masked balls and more! On this blog post we are going to explore the history of Mardi Gras as well as how you can incorporate Backyard Rubs into some traditional Mardi Gras foods.

Today, Mardi Gras is celebrated in many different ways. In some countries it is a more religious holiday while others see it as a time for fun and celebration. One thing that remains the same though is the focus on food!

If you're looking for organic barbecue rubs to enhance your Mardi Gras party foods like Jambalaya or King Cake we have organic spice rubs that will add just the right amount of heat!

Backyard Rubs Jambalaya

Here are some ideas on how to use Backyard Rubs in traditional Mardi Gras dishes:

-Add our Spicy Mama to Jambalaya for a spicy kick! (pictured above with cauliflower rice)

-Sprinkle some Spicy Mama on King Cake for a smoky flavor.

-Mix our Daddy Crack with olive oil and brush it on shrimp for a delicious Mardi Gras treat!

-Use either of our organic barbecue rubs to season organic chicken wings for your Mardi Gras party.

If you are looking for organic barbecue rubs with a kick of flavor check out our selection at Backyard Rubs and make this year's Mardi Gras event one that will be talked about for years to come!

Backyard Rubs jambalaya


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