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Backyard Rubs is more than a BBQ rub and BBQ seasoning company. We serve as a daily reminder that what we put into our bodies matters. We are also here to say, you can take care of your body and the environment without sacrificing taste.

Daddy crack rubbed whole chicken on the smoker
tacos on the grill make with corn totillas and spicy mama
caprese smoked chicken breast with tomato and mozzarella, tomato and basil.

You deserve a label you can understand.

You are proud of the barbecue brisket you just smoked —And then you look at the ingredients on your favorite barbecue seasoning or rub bottle. You can't pronounce half of the additives in it. You deserve a label you understand.

Too often we forget to look at the ingredients in some of our most-loved grilling partners. And when we do, we are disappointed to find the stack of unnecessary ingredients added only to increase shelf life and prevent caking. We are on a mission to change that. We want you to feel good about the ingredients you put into your body. Backyard Rubs is a midwest made, Texas- inspired barbecue rub with flavor comprised of only 100% organic ingredients. Making it the best meat or veggies you have ever smoked.  

We also care about growing our business. But, for us, it’s not all about revenue and sales. Smoking a piece of meat is not just about another meal. We believe that food is what brings people together and the food that is served should taste good.  The table has brought people together for centuries and in our fast-paced culture today it is something we believe the world needs more of.  Family dinners and neighborhood cookouts are about building community over good clean food.

Our Values

We use only quality organic ingredients.
We encourage community.
We strive for sustainability in all of our products.
When you are here, you are family.
We are grounded on the lost art of hospitality.

Take care of your body and the environment without sacrificing taste.

 Our hope is that our rubs inspire you to take care of your body and the environment without sacrificing taste in your own backyard. We hope to inspire you to get outside, spend a little more time together, and never settle for less than the best when it comes to the food that you put into your body.

spicy mama rubbed ribs on the kamado grill

Where you can find us

Backyard Rubs LLC

17520 Dartown Road #95

Westfield, Indiana 46074-9998

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